Creates the first speed bump Badennova intelligent speed - Great cars
It was in this 2009 edition of Traffic Hall along with other new technologies in terms of road safety which has been officially released this new draft smart speed bump .

To our knowledge have the same purpose as any other speed bump, which is none other than the speed limit but as you know in the conventional speed bumps while respecting the speed the car also suffered, but this time be an obstacle only for those vehicles exceeding the speed you set where these bumps are located, and shall not affect (and thus the car will not suffer) at any time as long as they respect the set speed.

As for its operation or modus operandi is quite curious, because inside it contains a material non-Newtonian in which particles are constantly moving liquid. By the time they receive an impact, that amount of particles align immediately from a solid state. According to this reaction, if it happens at low speed by the speed bump it will be soft and not cause any damage to the vehicle. If the contrary is passed over the speed limit, the speed bump will harden immediately and can cause damage typical all know in the vehicle.

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