Today this practice is lost in some way but still quite a few cars left abandoned on the street. Aid currently offered for the acquisition of new cars have been a good initiative that often very old cars do not end up abandoned or unusable on the street.

It is well known to buy a new car is not easy at times by the economic situation that we are going through at the time, or simply terminate a vehicle can also mean an expense which can not meet the accumulation of other unexpected expenses. However, you ought to keep in mind that the fact of leaving a car on the road today is punished very severely.

Starting with the costs which must be addressed to the local municipality by the withdrawal because under the law of waste, consider these cars as solid waste, thus leaving it abandoned a matter of sanction which may range between 600 and 30,000 euros, and in some cases the penalty may be higher if the car pollutants produce environmental damage.

On the other hand, to proceed to remove an owner is identified in some cases it is very difficult because the car has no registration, you are trying to identify a notification of abandonment and all within a statutory period of time to proceed to remove the same. If after the legal time the owner does not answer, that is when requested by the municipal tow service to remove the vehicle and bring it to a shell, which will also stay for a statutory period before they finally take a scrapyard and the owner can claim. If during this process, the owner has not cooperated at all is when justice is turned on, as legal action will be taken which will face the owner of the vehicle.

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