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As usual we can only recognize the excellent work, and this time Novitec particilar is making his farewell to one of the models has been among the most emblematic of the signing of Maranello , we are talking about the Ferrari F430 in its variant Scuderia which has been named today as Edizione 747 .

Novitec Rosso has decided to put an effort into this car very special , and at the same time get the numbers 747, your name will also be a benchmark in terms of power and he succeeded because his magic has led to drive to develop up to 747 hp at 8,500 rpm.

In terms of design, as we see in this case remains totally unchanged, however, his body is covered with a gray two-tone carbon and dull yellow, while you have some tires mounted on 20 inch tires Michelin Pilot Sport Cup . In regard to its interior, it seemed unnecessary to change anything and we totally agree, only slightly changed the steering wheel is now flat and is made ​​with suede and carbon fiber.

Speaking of his engine, with 200 extra horsepower has been clear that their performance has improved compared to the model plant since it achieves a maximum speed of 351 km / h compared to 320 km / h reached Scuderia we all know. Get accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.4 seconds, and its height has been lowered to 30 mm with a new sports suspension for this great occasion.

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