Ford Mondeo: Renewed for 2010 - Great cars
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The firm this time wants to give new life and improvements to their sedan , which according to our current generation was released in mid 2007 and will now receive the typical restyling to update their image. At the moment, as we know there will be no new model in the market for this sedan so special to Ford until 2014.

For this occasion, we know that your appearance will receive some changes that will focus especially on a front with a new bumper, a new redesigned air intake, you also have a headlight that shows a sitema daylight which is good for light is simply to see us, and also have rear fog LED's.

As for the interior, now incorporate your changes highlighted by a center console that will have a much more modern design, as well as some innovative controls to enjoy the air conditioning and audio equipment, without forgetting the new chrome.

Speaking of his engine, at first we know that they will maintain their current engines, but we can not exclude that it could release the 1.6-liter EcoBoost able to develop a power of 160 hp . And in diesel, we could easily find a development of 2 liters TDCi which this time would increase its output of 140 to 163 hp.

All these changes affect their versions 4, 5-door and family. Marketing is expected to begin in March 2010, and its price but has not officially unveiled start from 21,000 euros.

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