We wanted to make a small tribute to the supercar which marked at the time a trend today is still very respectable. With the name of F1 McLAREN managed to gain an appreciation of any fan of world motor , not only was the first road car manufacturer who built cars in F1 , but at the same time represented a revolution in terms of sports street.

No doubt that was the most unique in his time of which only 64 units were manufactured, although its price was also unique in those days, since we are talking about a million dollars.

Was characterized by spectacular body I had then for the first time in a street car no more and no less downforce, thus getting stuck to the asphalt when it reached very high speeds.

Speaking of his motororización, had a 6.1-liter V12 atmosphere supporting a power of 550 hp original BMW with which could exceed 330 km / h.

You have to see how things have changed since then, however, it is always nice to have a small space in time to remember these amazing machines, which have certainly won special recognition in the minds of everyone.

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