Derived from Formula 1 aerodynamics has been so specifically careful that besides a flat bottom which takes advantage of the airflow passing underneath the car to increase its grip on the ground, also includes a exhaust outlets at the height of the rear lights , and rear spoiler can be vertical in hard braking to reduce speed even more.

No doubt it will be very fast and efficient especially in curves, and as we see also a very unique and its design is quite striking, with a total weight of only 1,300 kg. Must know that at the moment, there is a network of shops and authorized dealers in Spain, so that any little problem will arise to speak directly with the manufacturer.

Speaking of his engine, the coupe under the bonnet houses a V8 3.8-liter biturbo able to develop 600CV power associated with a gearbox automatic seven-speed dual clutch. It has rear-wheel drive chassis is made ​​of carbon fiber suspension employs a scheme similar to a F1 .

The price is quite reasonable if we stop to look at other models of the same characteristics in more detail, and start from 150,000 euros.

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