Volkswagen T5 2010: More than MPV - Great cars
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On this occasion, Volkswagen has decided to update the image of your T5 , and does so by providing it with a front and a more modern dashboard that if we stop to look good, we can see that are very similar to those of the Golf VI .

On this occasion, and we know that consumption is reduced by 1.9 liters compared to its predecessor and its dimensions have not undergone any change. On the other hand, must know that their point of driving is somewhat elevated and optional equipment is somewhat expensive.

Speaking of his engine, this time there are some changes, because now there is only 2 liters TDI 180CV powers between 84 and that will be associated with a manual six-speed automatic or a seven. You can also equip bi-xenon headlamps, adaptive cruise control, among other options.

Marketing is expected to take place during the spring of 2010, and its price will start from the 34,000 euros.

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