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At this time we will treat the GS platform which its manufacturer Mitsubishi created it in 2005. Its wheelbase is 2,635 mm to 2,890 mm, and although it is very versatile sport-utility vehicles and sedans could say that is somewhat less advanced than the PQ35 platform to name a few.

As for the technical section, the firm designed it in your day to be used in vehicles of Mitsubishi and Daimler Chrysler . On the other side of this platform has two variants, one named PM / MK is specially designed to compact cars, and the second variant called the JS is more focused for the sedan averages.

Must know that this platform can be used in models of rear-or all, and while using a highly efficient independent suspension on both axles that is multi-link rear axle.

Of the cars that use it, we can find models such as the Jeep Compass , the Jeep Patriot , the Citroën C-Crosser , the Mitsubishi Lancer , the Mitsubishi Outlander , the Dodge Avenger , the Chrysler Sebring among many other models.

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