What problems can offer a very heavy car (2)? - Great cars
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Once we have seen in any way certain problems may arise in these heavy cars talking in terms of consumption and emissions, and also in performance, you should know that being overweight can also impact negatively on the aspect of security .

So much so that we can emphasize three points especially on the effects really are negative in vehicles that are overweight. In the first of these points must be borne in mind that in turns generates more inertia to be heavier, with this we mean that the car will have a greater tendency to get right if you have to make a sharp turn by the presence of any large object that may appear on the road, not counting a skid occurs so often is far more difficult to control if a vehicle conduciéramos lighter.

Another point to consider is the subject of braking, as excess weight only leads to an increase in fatigue say the brakes, in fact it is shown that for every 100 kg more than we can find that the stopping distance of emergency to increase between 3 and 4.5 feet if it is traveling at a speed of 140 km / h.

As a last point to be made ​​and never wants at any time, is if it can happen any collision or accident, always overweight causes greater deformation part of the vehicle which has suffered this blow. According to some studies, you should know that that equal elements of security , a car that I only have say 100 kg more than their risk of death from this extra weight can be increased by up to 15 percent.

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